Salle Moor Hall Farm

Owned by Mr Ardeshir Naghshineh and proudly managed by Targetfollow, Salle Moor Hall Farm has seen over £1m of investment over the last decade. The estate consists of 4 residential properties, the main Hall, the farming and commercial hub and the 325 acres of farmed arable, grazing and orchard land. Through strategic asset management from Targetfollow and investment and input form Mr Naghshineh, all areas of the estate have undergone improvements and evolution. Most notably is the conversion of farm out buildings into lettable commercial space. This exercise has paved the way to attracting an exciting mix of artisan producers, small and new businesses, and new interesting uses of the surrounding land. Investment has also been made by Mr Naghshineh and Targetfollow into individual tenants’ businesses to give fledgling businesses the absolute best chance of being successful. This has yielded some incredible success stories.                                                                                                   


Our vision for the estate is to develop and grow our community of producers and small businesses to the extent that Salle Moor Hall Farm is widely recognised as a hub in north Norfolk for successful local enterprise. We are certainly on the right path to achieve this vision with a growing number of business joining our community. As word spreads, we are receiving a growing number of enquiries for commercial space and those who visit the site instantly buy into our collective vision culture.

Through strategic asset management and a willingness to adapt, we wish to continue to develop a thriving commercial community and explore new and innovative ways of adding value to the estate.


With an estate so vast, the strategy to achieve our vision is multi-faceted and ever evolving. As goals are achieved, focuses turn to areas of the estate that have yet to be developed and potential explored. Its step-by-step strategy, laying solid foundations to build upon. Targetfollow have worked hard to develop a culture of co-operative and synergised working between the estate’s tenants. Each tenant is hand picked based not only on how suitable their business is, but also on how they buy in to the ethos and vison of the estate and how well they can potentially synergise with others.

It is a hands-on and very direct asset management approach, which is fast tracking the estate to realise the vision and its potential. Targetfollow is constantly discussing growth and ideas with individual tenants and from this usually sprouts ideas for using the land in different and innovative ways.

We are now embarking on a communications and marketing strategy for the estate which includes a new B2C website and some supporting social media. 

We always seek to engage our neighbours, local authority, and businesses outside of our immediate community to extend our reach and network.


Salle Moor Hall farm is on an upward spiral. The estate is ever evolving and as a result, it is finding new tenants, new ways to engage with the wider North Norfolk community and driving towards its vision.

Targetfollow are adding value to the estate. This is through uplift in rents and development of new and innovative revenue streams, using the land in different ways.

Its an exciting asset with almost limitless potential, and we are proud to have Salle Moor Hall Farm within our diverse portfolio.