Tunbridge Wells & Rusthall Common

Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons comprise 256 acres of common land including woods, heathland, lakes, ponds and springs, located to the west Tunbridge Wells. The Commons are famous for their unique sandstone outcrops including Toad Rock and Wellington Rocks. The Commons are also home to communities, two cricket clubs, a children’s nursery, churches and pubs.

The Commons are administered by the Commons Conservators, established by the Tunbridge Wells Improvement Act 1890, with their appointment and powers re-defined under the County of Kent Act 1981. The Commons are managed and administered by the Commons Conservators – a voluntary body of 12, of which four Conservators are appointed from Targetfollow (as Manor of Rusthall).

The Conservators have duty to maintain and preserve the Commons, and to ensure that the public have free access subject to bylaws that the Conservators may make in keeping with these duties.

We are proud to work together with our fellow Conservators in this important role. The local community and tourists alike are encouraged to explore the Commons. To facilitate this, we have commissioned new public information panels which, subject to planning permission, will be installed across the Commons at ten strategic locations.

We also support the many and varied uses of the Commons for a variety of community, recreation and sporting activities including as a location for charity fun runs, special events and fitness classes organised by local instructors.