With 260 million monthly active users on LinkedIn, 316 million on Twitter and more than 2 billion on Facebook; the impact a social media presence can have on your asset management business is indisputable.

Despite the unquestionable importance of an online presence; many asset managers have been late to the party regarding instating themselves on the various public networks. Companies that attempt to tackle social media in house, often lack an overarching strategy and are unaware of how to maximise the potential of interactive multimedia.

Constructing a brand

Consistency is integral when entering the realm of social media – akin to a well-designed website or business cards; each platform has to be propagated with uniform branding and engaging content. It’s important to consider your online ‘tone of voice’one that is not only reflective of your businesses’ values and beliefs, but also your audience.

Reaching your target audience

Social media allows you to access a wealth of potential investors – by running sponsored ads, you can even advertise to businesses/individuals who are yet to follow you. LinkedIn allows for more precision; enabling you to target specific companies, job titles, industries and investor groups.

Even without spending, there are ways in which you can reach your desired audience; quality content alongside relevant hashtags is a free and effective way to promote organic growth.


By establishing yourself on a social platform, you’re given the opportunity to humanise your brand and build genuine relationships with your community.

Networks, such as LinkedIn, allow you to build up a useful database of contacts that you can interact with via the built-in messaging service. Using Twitter, you can also communicate with a business prospect’s posted content – see what they like talking about and start a conversation.

Connecting with new individuals attending conferences, awards and events also allow you to forge relationships with industry professionals; continuing conversations or even interacting with those you missed the opportunity to meet. In this instance, having a professional social media presence is integral to networking; as it can serve as a good first or second impression.


Strategy, creativity and acute brand awareness are the ingredients to a successful social media campaign – harnessing all three can be next to impossible without the correct expertise. At Targetfollow, we use Cordis – a full-service marketing agency, that combines creative flare with technical know-how to get your brand noticed.

With a team comprised of graphic designers, copywriters, content creators, social experts, event organisers and videographersCordis’ understanding of the asset management sector has enabled Targetfollow to maintain agility in a fast-paced sector that’s become intertwined with digital communication.