The historic brewery at Salle Moor Hall Farm, All Day Brewing, has revealed its plans to diversify the business for 2024.

As the winter sets in, the brewery is gearing up to open its doors all-year-round under the management of its new owners. This strategic move aims to ensure a steady cash flow, transforming All Day Brewing into a destination that welcomes customers regardless of the season.

The journey began last December when new owners took the reins. After a year of planning, the team is ready to enhance the brewery’s offerings for the 2020s.

New season, new look

The company plans to highlight the change by unveiling a fresh new brand identity – spearheaded by the digital marketing agency, Local IQ. This week marks the launch of new labels, a revamped website and enticing marketing materials that signal the dawn of “a new era” for All Day Brewing.

Richard Coe, owner of All Day Brewing, expressed his enthusiasm; “Alongside the new branding, we have a new head brewer who’s working alongside the current brewer to take things to the next level.”

Diversifying the brews

All Day Brewing has long been celebrated for its wild yeast beers and barrel-aged sours – however, Mr Coe is keen on expanding the brewery’s offerings. Recognising the potential in cask ales, they’ve invested time in their development, adding exciting new flavours to the existing variety.

“We’ve been developing those for sale, which is exciting and helps us bring our customers even more variety,” added Mr. Coe.

Salle Moor Hall Farm: a hub of creativity

Proudly managed by Targetfollow, Salle Moor Hall Farm has seen over £1 million in investments over the last decade. The flourishing community of small businesses, including All Day Brewing, contributes to the farm’s vibrant atmosphere.

Besides the brewery, the farm hosts a diverse array of enterprises, such as Rooster’s Bike Barn, Blue Flame Glass Studio, Drip Drop Bake Stop, Norfolk Coffee Co, Salle Moor Market Garden and more. Each venture adds its unique flavour to the farm’s landscape, creating an inviting environment for visitors.

All Day Brewing’s rebrand promises a blend of tradition and innovation that will undoubtedly captivate Salle Moor Hall Farm’s visitors throughout the year.

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Source: The EDP