In 2024, freelancing in the UK will witness growth, driven by the need for flexible talent across sectors. Demands for expertise in content creation, digital marketing and AI will reshape the freelance ecosystem in the UK.

The growth in freelancers has given rise to the demand for coworking spaces. Around the world, there are over 35,000 coworking spaces. By the end of 2024, they are anticipated to number 41,975. That is an annual growth rate of about 21.3%.


The appeal of coworking spaces lies in their flexibility. With many operating 24/7, these spaces cater to the diverse working schedules of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Moving your work into a serviced office space occurs immediately after signing up – in contrast to a conventional office, where the transition period of relocating can take anywhere between a week and a month, depending on the size of your company. If you’re running a small business and operate in a team, coworking spaces also give you flexibility for future expansion.


Coworking communities offer a remedy to the isolation that often comes with working from home. Engaging with these communities fosters new connections, friendships and sparks inspiration among professionals. Studies indicate a 71% surge in creativity among coworkers, emphasising the positive impact of working alongside motivated individuals.

Better internet

Reliable internet is a common woe for remote workers, whether in the countryside or city centre. Coworking spaces address this issue, offering seamless and robust WiFi networks, facilitating smooth content uploads and downloads.

Cost savings

Launching a business can be financially daunting. Coworking spaces alleviate some of this burden by providing an administrative structure that eliminates concerns about hiring cleaners or receptionists. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on essential aspects of business growth, saving both money and time.

Environmental sustainability

Coworking spaces allow freelancers to align themselves with the environment by promoting shared resource usage and reducing individual carbon footprints. Just as carpooling minimises transportation waste, coworking spaces minimise unnecessary resource consumption.


In 2024, coworking spaces are becoming popular among asset managers looking to repurpose former office/retail spaces. At Targetfollow, we are applying our two decades of asset management experience to the coworking sector. We aim to provide a stylish, streamlined and environmentally synchronised service across the country.

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